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What should I do if Orderoo can’t access my location?

If the Orderoo app is having trouble accessing your location, follow these steps to ensure you can use our services effectively:

  1. Check Location Services
    • iOS Devices: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Ensure that Location Services is turned on and that Orderoo is set to “While Using the App” or “Always.”
    • Android Devices: Go to Settings > Location. Make sure Location is turned on, and check the app permissions for Orderoo to ensure it has access to your location.
  2. Update App Permissions
    • If Orderoo doesn’t have permission to access your location, go to the app settings on your device and change the permission to allow location access.
  3. Refresh Location
    • Sometimes, simply refreshing your location can solve the issue. Try closing and reopening the Orderoo app, or turn your device’s location services off and on again.
  4. Restart Your Device
    • If you’re still experiencing issues, a device restart can help reset your location services.
  5. Update the Orderoo App
    • Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Orderoo app. App updates often fix bugs and improve performance, including location services functionality.
  6. Contact Support
    • If you’ve followed these steps and are still having trouble with location access, please contact Orderoo support for further assistance. We’re here to help ensure you have the best possible experience using our platform.

Ensuring the Orderoo app has access to your location is crucial for finding and booking services in your area. We respect your privacy and use location data solely to improve your user experience, making it easier and more convenient to connect with local service providers.

Updated on April 11, 2024

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