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What are the different ways I can offer my services on Orderoo?

On Orderoo, we provide a variety of service offering models to accommodate the varied needs of our service providers and users:

  • Flat Rate Services: This model is perfect for services with a defined scope and duration, allowing you to set a fixed price for the entire service. It simplifies transactions for tasks with predictable outcomes.
  • Hourly Services: Designed for services where the time required can vary, this model allows you to charge users based on the actual hours you work. It’s specifically structured for individual service providers, ensuring that the hourly rate concept is applied effectively for services that cannot easily predict completion time upfront.
  • Post a Task: Unlike open bidding platforms, our Post a Task feature allows users to directly request services from a specific provider whose profile they’ve visited. Users can outline their needs, and you, as the chosen service provider, can negotiate terms directly with them. This direct approach facilitates personalized service agreements and pricing discussions, ensuring clarity and customization for each task.
Updated on February 4, 2024

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