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How do I list a new service on my profile?

Adding new services to your profile is straightforward and can significantly enhance your visibility to potential clients. Here’s how to get started:

  • App Access: Open the Orderoo service provider app, go to your profile, and select the ‘Manage Services’ section.
  • Website Access: Alternatively, log in as a service provider on the Orderoo website. Once you’re in, navigate to your provider dashboard and locate the ‘My Services’ section, which you’ll find under the menu at the top left when you enter the dashboard.

Key Note: To handle bookings efficiently—from accepting them to completing tasks—you need to use the Orderoo service provider app. The web dashboard is not equipped for booking management. The app is designed to support all necessary functionalities for service delivery, including communication with clients and managing your tasks.

  • Flat Rate Services: In the ‘Manage Services’ section, pick from the predefined list and assign your prices for the services you decide to offer.
  • Hourly Rate Services: This option is tailored for solo service providers. Simply tick the ‘Hourly Rate Service’ option and input your hourly rate. It’s important to note that this model is designed specifically for individual providers, ensuring that the service’s nature and pricing structure align with solo operations.
  • Post a Task Services: By default, your profile will indicate that you are available for ‘Post a Task’ requests, showing clients your openness to understanding their specific needs and negotiating terms and pricing. This default setting is a proactive way to demonstrate your flexibility and readiness to cater to diverse client requirements.
Updated on February 4, 2024

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